Yoga Classes

90 minutes of Classical Hatha focusing on mindful breathing, the postures, deep guided relaxation, and more, that will leave you energized and balanced. Two levels: Gentle Hatha, good for beginners, those with physical issues, or if you have no flexibility, strength,  or stamina. Some take the Gentle Hatha when they are not in the mood for the more complex, Hatha. The regular Hatha class is for all levels. While it will accomodate the beginner with props (blocks, blanket, and belt), it is challenging enough to satisfy the intermediate and seasoned practitioner.

Private Yoga Classes


Seeking a little privacy? This is a a great way to address your individual needs at your own pace.Good for the beginner or anyone who wants detailed specialized help in developing your practice.  You may  bring a guest, but the session focus' only on one client. 












Reiki Treatment

This is a non-invasive, naturopathic healing treatment given by two Reiki practitioners at once. Address a multitude of ailments, such as pain, grief, chronic-fatigue, stress, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, disappointment and counterproductive habits (tobacco, sugar, drug/ chemical dependency, tardiness, anger, frustration). Reiki harmonize and  balances vital Life Force energy (Ki), increase  stamina, rejuvenates the Nervous System, making way for sweet, sweet wellness.

Seifukujutsu | Massage

A wonderfully soothing traditional Japanese massage. Perfect for sore muscle relief, to de-stress, release tension and helps assist your Muscular, Lymphatic, Skeletal, Digestive & Circulatory systems to work effectively. Improving your over-all  health and longevity.







Women’s Self Defense Course | kupale – CA


A complete course conducted in four hours in a single afternoon that can bring greater situational awareness and, increase your safety and quality of life. Essential for women of any age. Held here at Excelsior Yoga second to last Saturday of the month.  Empow(her). Feel free to »contact us«  via email with questions for upcoming courses. private, or group training's. Click here for »more information and details«  about our Women's Self Defense class. Next course: Feb 17, 2018 (Sat), 1-5pm.

Martial Arts | Dan Zan Ryu Jujutsu


The San Francisco  Jujutsu Kodenkai has classes here at Excelsior Yoga on Saturdays and Sundays at 8am-9:30am. Dan Zan Ryu Jujutsu is a style of Japanese Jujutsu that also incorporates Hawaiian Lua, Filipino Escrima, and Chinese Kung Fu. For more information go to



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