This is an "Old School" studio sticking to traditional room temperature practices,  without music. We can show you how to counteract the stresses of your everyday responsibilities with yoga.  Emphasis is put on holding a sequence of postures, while breathing deeply in stillness. Special attention is given to Savasana (resting on your back) done at the end of every class, allowing your emotions and nervous system to reset. Experience a true sense of relaxation and peace.

We offer natural physiotherapy practices-- yoga, martial arts, massage, reiki, teacher training's, pranayama/ yoga breath-work,  meditation, women's self defense, 1-on-1's and more!  You'll find a variety of holistic wellness paths that are personally enriching, fun, energizing and that lead to your optimal health.

You can grow and sustain an effective practice that fits into your unique and busy lifestyle. Just give a sincere effort to come in as often as possible. Practicing in the studio three times a week on a set schedule will generate a steady, noticeable progress in your physical training and, or reach those self-development goal sooner.

When a client completes 108 hours of practice, you achieve 108 Status, and are eligible for free monthly specialty classes to expand your practice, exploring aspects of yoga beyond the postures, such as pranayama, chakras, mantras, meditations techniques, and nidra.