Our yoga is "Old School," sticking to the traditional and classical practices. No music or heat. Emphasis is put on holding a variety of postures while breathing deeply in stillness. Special attention is given to Savasana (resting on your back) done at the end of every class, allowing everyone the opportunity to experience a sincere sense of relaxation and peace.

We encourage natural and holistic practices --from yoga to martial arts, Women's Self Defense to Reiki, massage to meditation. We offer a variety of wellness paths to de-stress, optimal health, career enrichment and awaken spiritually.

We help clients discover, grow and sustain an effective practice that fits into their unique and busy lifestyle. We recommend practicing in the studio three times a week on a set schedule, to generate steady and noticeable progress in one's physical training, or achieve other self development goals. 

When a client completes 108 hours of practice, they achieve 108 Status, and are eligible for free monthly specialty classes to expand their practice, exploring aspects of yoga beyond the postures, such as pranayama, chakra, mantra, meditation, and nidra.